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Broadworks Public Reporting Interface (CCPRI)

Recently I’ve been exploring the little know CCPRI API. In a nutshell this is the same API called when you access enhanced call center reports (R17). XSI-actions and XSI-events are great for real-time data. If you want historical call center stats, the CCPI is a great way to go. The major problem is the way the response is presented. As you are basically running a report, you receive a report as a response. In my situation I decided to use BeatifulSoup4 (python module) to parse the data (HTML), update a local database and then render to a Django template. Various script execute based on a cron job to update values in the database.

I created this dashboard using, Bootstrap, Google Charts and Django.

Broadworks CCPRI based dashboard
Dashboard created with BroadWorks CCPI API

Sadly, I’m unable to give away any of the source code used. This was created for my employer after all…

In the next evolution of the dashboard concept, I will begin to use External Data Views (look it up on if you are a customer of Broadsoft). Using external data views will only limit me to the data retention policies and my ability to write a complex SQL query.

On a side note, I’m still working on My expected launch date (1/13/2014) clearly did not happen.

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