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Palladion – Scripting and time stamps.

I like to have Palladion execute scripts overnight and email the results in a CSV. The issue that I faced was that scripts require you to enter a start and end time. Logging in at 10pm to execute a post dial delay script was not an efficient use of my personal time.

I built the following functions to obtain the current time and then obtain the time from 24 hours ago. Then return these into the format that Palladion expects. ¬†You can easily modify the “then()” function to look at a different time range.

import time
import datetime
from time import strptime

def now():
        # This fuction obtains the current time and returns it as a "datetime.datetime" object.
        now = time.gmtime()
        now2 = datetime.datetime(*now[:6])
        return now2

def then():
        # This function obtains the time from 24 hours ago and returns it as a "datetime.datetime" object.
        then1 = time.time()-86000
        then2 = time.gmtime(then1)
        then3 = datetime.datetime(*then2[:6])
        return then3

def run(facade,params): 
        #Script entry point. 
	start_ts = then()
	end_ts = now()