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Palladion Extension Scripting

Palladion is a nice SIP analyzer from  IPTEGO. IPTEGO was recently purchased by Acmepacket… so they must be doing something right!

Anyways… here are a few “gotcha’s” that I have noticed while  working on extension scripts .

1. If you are trying to compare the time stamps between “Leg.setup_start_ts” and “Message.ts” it becomes tricky. SIP message timestamps from  Leg.getMessages are in “Y-m-d H:M:S” format. While Leg.setup_start_ts is in epoch format.You will need to build a function to convert one of these.  Check this blog  for an idea on how to convert datetime.datetime to epoch.

2. If you can’t seem to get a script to work, check in the “/tmp” directory and look for most recent folder. Review the file named “output” and you will see the traceback output.

3.  If you try to do something like :

f = open("/home/me/output.txt", "w")

print >>f, str

It will fail to open the file and the script will stop. If you change “f” to:

f = open("output1.txt", "w")

It should work, and the output will be found in /tmp/”most recent folder”. This is how I discovered the timestamp issue..