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Professional Services

We get it.

Sometimes you do not have a SIP or VOIP expert on staff, yet a project is in dire need of completion. It doesn’t matter if you are a small five person office, or a global telecommunications provider, we can help.

While working at Vonage, I deployed thousands of IP phones, SIP trunks, session border controllers and call processing server. Learn more about my background through LinkedIn.

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Keith Croxford is an expert in VOIP.
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Professional  services start at $150/hour. With a 1 hour minimum billing rate.

Other Terms:

This rate assumes that all work will be performed remotely. The customer must provide access to their network through an IPSEC or SSL tunnel to ensure that all work performed is fully encrypted.

Payment is required upon completion of work through Paypal.

If a long term project is required, a lower rate can be found by purchasing blocks of hours :

40 hours = $6,000

80 hours = $10,000

160 hours = $16,000