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I started this website due to the demand for SIP training. I realized that while other companies offer SIP training it’s a difficult expense to justify for someone starting their career in the VOIP world.


Why should I take this course from you?

I am a Senior Engineer that works in the Service Provider space. The networks I manage consist of over 200,000 users. My focus is on the core call processing architecture and signaling systems between multiple carriers.

While we do not offer a SIP certification, we offer a unique way to start your VOIP career.

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Keith Croxford is an expert in VOIP.

What else can I learn from this site?

I create content that describes how to resolve common VOIP issues. Many VOIP issues are due to features enabled on routers and firewalls. I will teach you to disabled these problematic “features”.

I look forward to teaching you about SIP and VOIP.

Keith Croxford

Keith Croxford is an expert in VOIP, Telecom and SIP.
Keith Croxford is an expert in VOIP, Telecom and SIP.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Greetings Keith:
    Nice work on the SIP ALG postings. I too have been doing VoIP (and networking) for many years and enjoy the telephony field. I also find it interesting and sometimes amusing with the different interpretations of the SIP RFC and the attitudes of some who defend their interpretations. Strength to those that use SBC’s!
    Anyway, your ALG post will be a big help to our Tier 1 Support personnel, thanks again.


  2. Hey Keith, you seem to be the perfect person to help me with an issue I am having. I am using Nextiva and Broadsoft xtended and I am trying to get one of them to take “tel: or callto: or any type of protocol command to dial a number” The problem is they only pick up “displayed” numbers and turn them into links. I need to be able to click on a customer’s name and have it dial the number assigned to that customer without displaying it. is my email please get back to me I can even pay.

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