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Acme Packet – “no Redundancy Protocol Process Running”

Symptoms of the Issue:

While setting up an SBC in my lab today I came across an error that I’ve encountered a few times in the past. The error message is “no Redundancy Protocol Process Running” which appears when running a “show health” command.

Command : Show health

Acme packet redundancy troubleshooting

What’s frustrating about this error is that the redundancy config is enabled when you review the redundancy-config section ( show configuration redundancy-config ). 

Command : Show configuration redundancy-config


When troubleshooting anything related to redundancy on the Acme Packet / Oracle SBCs, I’ve found the best approach is to go straight to the logs. Specifically “log.berpd”.

Command : Show logfile log.berpd


After reviewing the output I can see that this SBC doesn’t have a hostname that matches what I have built as peer-name within the redundancy config.  There are two locations to create a hostname on the Acme Packet SBCs. One option is to create the name under “config t > system > system-config > hostname”. If you enter the hostname here followed by a save / activate / reboot the error will persist.



Where the hostname needs to be entered with within the bootparam settings.


  1. Navigate to Enable > Conf t > boot
  2. You will be presented with a line asking for the “Boot File”. Press enter to the skip to the next line.
  3. Keep pressing Enter until you arrive on the Target Name line.
  4. Enter the hostname that you used when building out the redundancy peer-name.
  5. Keep pressing Enter until  you are out of the boot param menu.
  6. Perform a Save / Active.
  7. Reboot the SBC

After rebooting you should be able to run a “show health” and see that redundancy is running.